Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Card Madness: 27 cards!

This past week I got the pleasure of working  playing around with some of my favorite paper in the business, Authentique.  My favorite place to purchase scrapbooking supplies would be featuring a cardmaker's kit of epic proportions:  Authentique Free Bird Cardmaker's Dream Bundle. One kit was split between seven (that's right, SEVEN) of us girls, and armed with a sketch from the fabulous Princess of the PM, Cyndee Kawa, we were challenged to see not just how many cards we could make with the given supplies, but how many sets of cards.  I got my portion of the kit right before we were set to leave on vacation, and even though I probably should have been elbow deep in laundry to pack, I had to sneak away for the afternoon to use my new goodies.  In just one afternoon, I managed to make 16 cards.  16 cards.  That's huge.  Here they are:

 These were the first two I made as I was getting warmed up.  

 This was my first set of four.

 My second set of four.

A set of six....on a roll here!

This is where I had to quit while I was ahead, as babies and laundry and the beach beckoned.  But after I got home from vacation..........I made 11 more, for a total of 27.  Seriously.  And I still have some scraps left over and plenty of embellies that I can make even more cards with.

 Here's a set of 10.  

The story behind this last card: While I was making the set of 10, hubby said "Wouldn't it be cool to turn those little strips into ties, and make it into a Father's Day card?  I love that man.  What a keeper.  

Be sure to check out the blog at Scrapbook Steals to see what the other six ladies have created from this collosal, ginormous, monstrous kit.  Seriously.  There aren't enough adjectives to describe how much product is in this kit.  If you are an avid cardmaker, just think of all of the sets of thank you's and notecards you could make and package up for gifts!


  1. LOVE your take on the sketch! And those ties are too sweet!

  2. Great cards and what a fun sketch - do we get to see it too, I do love adding new sketches to my collection!? ;) Seeing all that you were able to make reaffirms how excited I am that I stole it this morning!! :)

  3. Seriously awesome cards. I love the thank you set with the blue and love that tie card!