Thursday, August 23, 2012

My first SPARKS entry!

Good afternoon!  So, my biggest little guy started school yesterday and I'm both excited for him and exhausted!  The ante has been upped a bit, now that I have to have a kid up, dressed, fed, and out the door on time to catch a bus, and get the other littles dressed and fed too.  (Not to mention, me!)  I find it funny how in parenting, once you master a certain level, (like making sure everyone has clean underwear at a given time), you get to graduate to the next level (making sure a kid has their t-ball/soccer uniform clean on a *specific* day).  So, right now we're I'm fumbling through the next week or so, trying to figure out a new routine, a new normal.  BUT, I did find some time to work on a few crafty goodies, to help me unwind during nap time.  Here is my first ever entry into the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge!  This challenge was inspired by a specific color palette seen here:

And here's my first take on it:

I'm loving Polaroids lately, and I loved this "snapshot" of a broom sweeping up both the dirt, and this adorable dust bunny.  (And I *had* to color her pink, don't you think?)

Hope you enjoyed; I'll have more later this week!

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  1. LOVE that card! I never realized a broom and dust bunny could be so stinking cute!