Monday, December 17, 2012

Gossamer Blue LOVE.

Good morning!  Phew, this holiday season has been BUSY.  I didn't think that with one kid in Kindergarten and one in Pre K, it would be this nuts, but it seems like there is SO MUCH to remember this time of year, between Pajama day, spirit day, special snack days, gift exchanges--and all of that on top of making sure everyone has food and clean underwear (and an extra toddler twice a week), and MOPS craft planning, and on and on and on......Anyway, all this to say that my crafting time has been a bit lacking lately, BUT--when I got my very first Gossamer Blue kit in the mail last week, I had to stop everything and create with it.  It is really that awesome.  I had previously been a part of another sub club, but wasn't inspired by their kit contents anymore.  My friend Heather told me about Gossamer Blue, and after peeking around their past kits, I couldn't wait to sign up!  I am totally in love.  Here are a couple of layouts I whipped up super quickly.  No time for a sketch, I just had vague ideas in my head about what I wanted to do, and just got down to it!  (My favorite way to create!)

I love to scrap every day stories about our life and the ornery things my kids do.  This layout tells the story of my two year old throwing my engagement ring down a heating vent in the house.  Little stinker. :)

This layout documents all the fun little "Evanisms" my 4 year old says.  I never want to forget them!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a very special announcement--I am bursting with excitement and can't wait to let the cat out of the bag!!

Edited:  12/21/12:  I've just received word that one of these layouts has been picked for publication, so I'm pulling them from my blog for the time being.  WAHOO!  Don't worry, you'll be seeing it again, just in a different format. ;)

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