Friday, January 10, 2014

My baby and her tutu: Then and Now (WRMK Chalkboard)

If you've been reading my posts this week, you'll know that I love WRMK's Chalkboard collection.  I've been loving creating with one of my favorite color schemes, and it's so versatile.  Today, I'm sharing 2 layouts of my "baby". One from when she was a baby, and one from her recent 2nd birthday. (My nana always said they're babies till they're 2)

Here she is at her 6 month photo shoot (photo taken by her daddy) I was super excited to get to dress her up in that pettiskirt.  Is there anything more frilly and feminine than a pink pettiskirt?

(We can play "spot the foam dot backing piece that is photobombing the layout")

And here she is in that pettiskirt one last time--for her 2nd birthday.  She was so jazzed to get a Minnie Mouse (MeeNos) Pillow Pet!!

Precious memories.  I've passed the pettiskirt on to a friend with a baby girl who is a year younger than Fiona.  As hard as it is to part with her girly-baby things, I feel better knowing they're going to a friend who can use them--and I have a chance to see them on another adorable baby girl!

See you next week, when I'll be featuring an awesome release from WeR: Notable.

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